Year 02: 15M’s spain

For the so many whom 15M has brought forth, for the enormous passion and creativity that this movement has engendered, for the extraordinary generosity and love that so many show as they build together, for its beauty and its freedom, we celebrate its second year.  Yet not with nostalgia, not for the love of self that critics blindly see here, but with the desire to continue.  Gilles Deleuze speaks of creativity as the making of spaces and times.  15M has and continues to struggle for the space-times of human autonomy, autonomies of resistance to a politics and an economy were any and all can be rendered superfluous.  It is this that is celebrated and lived in spain’s new spring.

Images of 15M …

And two years of resisting …

For information about events around the 2nd anniversary, at least for Madrid, see the following: #Mayo2013enMadrid. Other cities also have numerous events planned.  For information on these, see:



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