Updates from Greece: The Resistance continues

We are happy to let you know that the Greek anti-authoritarian resistance is countering the terroristic assaults of the Greek State. From  the http://blog.occupiedlondon.org/ we repost:



From Occupied London (21/01/2013) …


Greek squat solidarity from London: They are unable to beat what they cannot understand…

On 20 December 2012 police evicted Villa Amalias squat in central Athens under the groundless pretext of some alleged anonymous complaints. 8 people were arrested with felony and misdemeanour charges, triggering an enduring massive wave of solidarity; one of the biggest anarchist demonstrations took place in Athens, gathering more than 12.000 people who showed their support and solidarity to the squats and squatters and to all liberated places all over the world. This state-driven eviction took place after 23 years of the squat’s existence. Villa Amalias is situated in an area where the neo-Nazis and cops are setting up pogroms and spread the terror of racism. The Municipality of Athens is also preparing to ‘’upgrade’’ the area and Villa Amalias obviously irritates them all, as its presence is an impediment to their spiteful plans. On 9 January 2013 comrades successfully re-squatted the building despite it being heavily guarded by armed police. However, a re-eviction by police special forces followed a few moments later and 93 comrades were arrested because they barricaded themselves inside the squat and defended a self-organised free space. Throughout all these years Villa Amalias has become a living example of self-organization, vigorous expression and strong resistance. At times, it has initiated and hosted live concerts, open discussions, theatre plays, film screenings, collective kitchen, café, library, and it has provided housing to many comrades. The anti-commercial culture that opposes the culture of sale and profit, power and property has found its place. Villa Amalias is an integral part of social class struggle, fighting against authority, fighting for freedom.

Furthermore Skaramagka squat in Athens was raided on the same day as Villa’s re-eviction. Skaramagka was opened more than 3 years ago and it has since been an active anti-authoritarian political and cultural centre. Inside the squat’s premises, numerous political events have taken place, self-education groups have been formed and lessons of Greek language for immigrants have been offered. Moreover, there have been screenings, reading rooms, woodwork rooms, computer rooms, dance and martial arts rooms, sewing workshops, climbing tracks spaces and many more. The police are putting into action a plan to evict about 40 buildings that have been occupied by various groups across the country. In this context, after the eviction of the squats Villa Amalias and Skaramagka, the state continued its orchestrated attack by raiding the oldest anarchist squat in Athens, Lelas Karagianni, on the morning of 15 January 2013. 17 People were detained, but quickly released without charges. Hundreds of comrades immediately gathered outside the building leading to its re-occupation in the early afternoon of the same day.

The squats are not just four walls standing. Squats are the implementation of resistance against state’s oppression, fascist’s schemes, bosses’ exploitation, privatisation, capitalism, discrimination, poverty and despair. Squats are highlighting solidarity, self-organisation, companionship, liberty and dignity. In times when severe poverty and exploitation are legitimate and legal, layoffs, reductions in wages and pensions, workers ‘accidents’, concentration camps, repression and social cannibalism are the daily routine; squats remain consciously “outbreaks of lawlessness”. We all are “outbreaks of lawlessness” in a world where capitalism is only spreading fear. Squats are the future where there’s no place for bosses, armies, property, commodities, prosecutors and cops; a future of freedom and equality, self-organization and common ownership, solidarity and mutual aid, creativity and companionship, dignity and life. The attack against the squats is only a part of the general attack against the oppressed of this world. In the UK the law was changed last year to allow police to arrest people who have squatted abandoned residential properties. Plans for even stricter legislation against every liberated place that still survives in the UK are being discussed at the moment.
Villa will stay. We’ll all stay to make their worst nightmares come true.




London Anarchists in Solidarity


Our Homes

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