Updates from Greece – Taking over the factories

The ceaseless magmatic revolt of the Greek proletariat has been adding to the visceral street battles creative economic projects (see previous Updates from Greece) and now a concentrated battle for the occupation of a major industrial factory. While for the workers it is occupy or what-the-hell-they-have-not-paid-us-since-2011-and-the-factory-has-ceased-activities (i.e. occupy or we are going hungry).  In the last analyis the Greek proletariat's take over of the productive aparatus of Greek society, at the level of food production, at the level  of technological production and so on increases the chances for the revolt to maintain itself at a level that can inspire and spread into other countries. It would be trivial to assert that unless the revolution is international it would never succeed, but it is also a truism to say that a revolution starts always locally.


Convoy of Struggle and Solidarity for the struggle of the workers of “Vio.Me.”




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