Occupied Companies in Argentina — An assessment

While this article is not very recent, it discusses a situation which remains relevant and will remain relevant: first, because if a revolt or insurrection is to become a revolution with some chance of sucess it will have to address the issue of production. But even in situations like the Argentinian where the conflagration did not lead to a revolution the question remained what to do with the occupied factories. The topic of waiting for the full scale revolution or taking advantage of situations as they present themselves to form pockets of resistance and worker control based enterprises and networks is as old as anarchism and socialism and it is unlikely to go away. Often the issue is dismissed as one more example of reform or revolution. However, there is a huge difference, as here the initiatives come from the base and not by a political party or bureaucracy. As such, whatever the eventual outcome may be, and regardles of where each one of us stands with respect to its prospects or viability,  it will form part of the experience of the movement towards revolution.


Without bosses: the Process of Recovering Companies by their Workers in Argentina, 2001-2009

by Red Libertaria de Buenos Aires


From the South African Anarchist website http://zabalaza.net/


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