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He who designates the terrorist, in this world, is sovereign: The “Tarnac affair”

Antiterrorism, contrary to what the term would suggest, is not a means to fight against terrorism, it is the method by which the political enemy is positively produced as a terrorist. It is a matter, by a luxury of provocation, … Continue reading

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In solidarity with Pablo Hasél

In solidarity with the rapper Pablo Hasél, and all of the other dissidents fined, arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the spanish state.

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The State unveiled: Spain’s anarchist hunt comes to a temporary end

Spain’s Audiencia Nacional tribunal has closed the legal proceedings and State driven persecution of anarchists known as Operación Piñata. (Wednesday, January 31st, 2018) Once again, everything has ended in nothing.  Almost three years after the arrests of fifteen people under Operación Piñata … Continue reading

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Scenes from the class struggle: Argentina

The popular defense of State controlled social welfare is not in itself anti-capitalist.  However, the State driven privatisation of social welfare, if placed within the context of broader forms of violent accumulation (e.g., land and resource dispossession, the imposition of … Continue reading

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A wall of exclusion and domination

The actual physical borderland that I’m dealing with … is the Texas-U.S Southwest/Mexican border. The psychological borderlands, the sexual borderlands and the spiritual borderlands are not particular to the Southwest. In fact, the Borderlands are physically present wherever two or … Continue reading

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The order of the urban: “Metropolis: A film”

Universal history was born in cities, and it reached maturity with the city’s decisive victory over the country. For Marx, one of the greatest revolutionary merits of the bourgeoisie was the fact that it “subjected the country to the city,” … Continue reading

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Another day under democracy: Hamburg, June 6 – Protesting the G20

The Crimethinc collective is posting continuous live updates of the “Welcome to Hell” protests in Hamburg against the G20 gathering. We share below two such posts, in solidarity we all of those resisting in the city …

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A world without police: Peter Gelderloos

“Violence” is something new in history. We decadents are the first to know this curious thing: violence. Traditional societies knew of theft, blasphemy, parricide, abduction, sacrifice, insults and revenge. Modern States, beyond the dilemma of adjudicating facts, recognized only infractions … Continue reading

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The reign of the police

This so perfect democracy itself constructs its inconceivable enemy, terrorism.  It wants, in effect, to be judged by its enemies rather then by its results.  The history of terrorism is written by the State: it is therefore enlightening.  The spectator … Continue reading

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To let Pandora give: Against the state and terror in spain

“Anarchist terrorism has established itself in our country“ Ignacio Cosidó Gutiérrez – Director General of the National Police of Spain, from the 30th of December, 2011 to the 18th of November, 2016 (ABC 12/05/2014) “Whoever considers carefully its origins, sees … Continue reading

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