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Terror’s Atomization of Man: Leo Löwenthal

Horror and fears contain us in a world that we do not want, and impede us from acceding to interruptive encounters that regenerate our existence.  To participate in the exercise of clearing obstructions means first to not offer up our … Continue reading

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The war against autonomy: The State attacks the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes

This April 9th, the expulsion of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes began.  If the proposed airport for the region was struck down, the french government has repeatedly announced that it will not accept the “illegal” occupation of the land by squatters. … Continue reading

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Scenes from the class struggle: Argentina

The popular defense of State controlled social welfare is not in itself anti-capitalist.  However, the State driven privatisation of social welfare, if placed within the context of broader forms of violent accumulation (e.g., land and resource dispossession, the imposition of … Continue reading

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Autonomy as societies in movement: Raúl Zibechi

Autonomy and difference go hand in hand, because autonomy implies that people have the right to govern themselves completely, “to determine their own form of government, their own sociocultural practices, and their own economic organization” (Díaz Polanco and Sánchez 2002, 45). This point … Continue reading

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Governing for freedom: Werner Bonefeld on the Bourgeois State

Werner Bonefeld’s work on the role of the state in the creation of a liberal economic order, that is, capitalism, is of great value.  Often understood as a simple tool of the bourgeoisie, anti-capitalist politics is then conceived of as … Continue reading

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