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Against the domestication of Pier Paolo Pasolini and the legitimisation of fascism

In an italy of rising and self-legitimising neo-fascism, of growing State and non-State violence against “minorities”, dissidents and foreigners, it is fundamental to return to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s reflections on the subject, as well as to resist appropriations of his … Continue reading

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Illuminations from Pier Paolo Pasolini

The magazine Ballast regularly gathers together citations of authors under the generic designation of an abécédaire.  We share below, in translation, their most recent “alphabet text”, from the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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With and beyond anti-fascism (1)

… to make use of the weapons created by fascism, which has been allowed to use the fundamental aspirations of people for affective exultation and fanaticism. But we affirm that the exaltation… must be placed in the service… of a … Continue reading

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Paris, november 13th, isis and neo-fascism: Reading events with Pier-Paolo Pasolini

When I see that young people are in the process of losing their old common values and absorbing the new models imposed by capitalism, running the risk of dehumanising themselves and being prey to an abominable aphasia, to a brutal … Continue reading

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Shards of time amid spaces of rebellion

This essay is the child of an earlier reflection on time and revolution, as well as of work on the 15th of May movement in spain, Pasolini and anti-fascism, and other essays posted on Autonomies, from which it borrows generously. … Continue reading

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Anti-fascism in spain (2): Reading events with Pasolini

La rivoluzione non è più che un sentimento. Pasolini, Progetto di opere future The eviction by the judicial police of the Hogar Social Madrid Ramiro Ledesma, in the neighbourhood of Tetuán, on the 19th of September, on order of the … Continue reading

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