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The gilets jaunes: A revolution of the revolution

The resonances of the gilets jaunes movement(s), as captured by Jacques Fradin. It is a reading of the insurrection that does not hold back or step away from criticising the “Left”, and beyond. The essay was already published in English … Continue reading

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When rebellion is child’s play: John Holloway on the zapatistas

John Holloway has been a keen observer of the zapatista movement since its beginning, and we share two reflections by him, as a closing contribution on the mexican revolution, or revolutions, both past and present.

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The illusions of yet another “new” left: Syriza and Podemos

With national elections forthcoming in spain, and the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn to the head of the Labour Party in britain, enthusiasm for “leftwing governments” survives, even with the debacle of Syriza in greece.  In one more effort at … Continue reading

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John Holloway: Critical thought against the capitalist hydra

John Holloway remains one of the most eloquent marxists of our times.  With intellectual roots in italian autonomist marxism, his insistence on reading Capital as a dynamic system of social relations of appropriation constructed through struggles against peoples’ efforts to autonomously and … Continue reading

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We are the crises: John Holloway

In our interesting times of rebellion, with protests across north africa, europe, the americas, the work of John Holloway provides us with conceptual tools that help to understand and act in our present …

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The anti-worlds of communism: John Holloway

From the The Guardian, a video series that reflects on worlds beyond capitalism.  The first is an animation to the words of John Holloway …

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We Are All Greeks

To struggle through the state is to become involved in the active process of defeating yourself.                                                                John Holloway, Change the World Without Taking Power Elections in greece are scheduled for the 17th of June and what seems to lie … Continue reading

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15M: A Cartography of the Spanish Revolution 79

The interpretation/intervention in the rebellions-revolutions of our day are intensely debated, and without suggesting that John Holloway’s reading of them as cracks in capitalism surpasses others, there is perhaps much here from which one can learn or remember from earlier … Continue reading

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