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The continuing nicaraguan insurrection

Nosotros iremos hacia el sol de la libertad o hacia la muerte; y si morimos, no importa, nuestra causa seguirá viviendo. Otros nos seguirán. Augusto César Sandino News from the from the Crimethinc Collective …

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Horizontalism against state rule in nicaragua’s april insurrection

We continue to share articles from the crimethInc collective (21/05/2018) on the rebellion in nicaragua …

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Scenes from the class struggle in france: From Crimethinc

Left to their own devices, the police found themselves for the first time in a troublesome quandary. Suddenly stripped of the compass of the law, unable to decide which of the emergent governments should be considered lawful, and realizing the … Continue reading

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A Paris Autumn

The 12th of September marks the beginning of protests against the new (yet again!) french government’s proposed labour law reforms.  Exit the socialists François Hollande and Manuel Valls, enter the golden boy, “I belong to no political party!”, politician as … Continue reading

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Anarchism, geography and the politics of space II: Simon Springer

As a political philosophy, anarchism fully appreciates the processual nature of space, where the politics of waiting—for the revolution, for the withering away of the state, for the stages of history to pass—are all rejected in favor of the realism … Continue reading

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Insurrectionist or organisational anarchism?: A false dilemma

We cannot conceive that anarchists establish points to follow systemically as fixed dogmas. Because, even if a uniformity of views on the general lines of tactics to follow is assumed, these tactics are carried out in a hundred different forms … Continue reading

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The politics of cruelty: Hostis and the apology for insurrection

In an eloquent defense of insurrectionist politics, the Hostis journal critically dismisses all moralising forms of anarchism, eulogising of democracy and pacifism.  Caught in a religious-theological past, anarchists fall far too quickly into self-mutilating performances of virtuous and moral superiority … Continue reading

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This life is shit and you choose to burn it up: Get rid of yourself

We can truly understand this society only by negating it. Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle Capitalism, as with any form of social organisation, is a mode of creating human subjectivities. Its radical nature lies in its aspiration to do so … Continue reading

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Another day under democracy: Hamburg, June 6 – Protesting the G20

The Crimethinc collective is posting continuous live updates of the “Welcome to Hell” protests in Hamburg against the G20 gathering. We share below two such posts, in solidarity we all of those resisting in the city …

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A world without police: Peter Gelderloos

“Violence” is something new in history. We decadents are the first to know this curious thing: violence. Traditional societies knew of theft, blasphemy, parricide, abduction, sacrifice, insults and revenge. Modern States, beyond the dilemma of adjudicating facts, recognized only infractions … Continue reading

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