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Lessons from greece: The war on dissidence

From the CrimethInc. Collective (19/03/2019) … Putting Ideas on Trial: The Greek State’s Laboratory of Repression – An Interview with Nikos Romanos, Imprisoned Anarchist After several failed attempts across Europe to frame anarchists and other anti-authoritarians with conspiracy and terrorism charges, the … Continue reading

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Love and revolution: A film by Yannis Youlountas

We share below Yannis Youlountas most recent documentary film-testimony of struggles for autonomy in greece.  In letting those who are directly engaged in these struggles speak for themselves, his work offers a glimpse of what served as a title for … Continue reading

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For Katarina Gogou

… we convalescents still need art, it is another kind of art – a mocking, light, fleeting, divinely untroubled, divinely artificial art that, like a bright flame, blazes into an unclouded sky! Above all: an art for artists, only for artists! Friedrich … Continue reading

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Creating autonomies in greece: Voices from the capitalist wilderness

Theodoros Karyotis’ essay “The Right to the City in an Age of Austerity”, focusing on greek urban-political struggles in the period of 2008 and after, allows us to conceive of what a radical politics might look like beyond the indigenous-capitalist … Continue reading

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Autonomous well-being: Self-organising health care in Exarcheia

It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has. Hippocrates Revolution begins in the everyday, in the constitution-resistance of autonomous, self-managed social relations in the many spheres of life that make … Continue reading

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The struggle with migrants is a struggle against State-Capital

As a complement to our most recent post, a call for support from the Steki Social Centre in Thessaloniki, we publish an interview with Tasos Sagris from Void Network, for the radio program This Is Hell (u.s.a.), along with a video from sub.Media’s Trouble series entitled Refugees Welcome:Creating Solidarity … Continue reading

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In solidarity: A call for support from the Steki Social Centre, Thessaloniki

In the wake of the spread of the “syrian refugee crisis” into europe in 2015, anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist and anarchist groups in greece have created networks of mutual aid, of various kinds, in support of the migrants. Refusing any State or … Continue reading

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Building new solidarities between movements: insurrectionary politics of food autonomy in the city of Athens

The question of rebellion/revolution is often posed in terms of the question, “what is to be done?” However, by so articulating any reflection-practice on radical political change, we are lead to consider revolution in terms of struggles between and for … Continue reading

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Vio.Me, Greece: Creating solidarities within and beyond factory walls

In the past, we have shared, in the english language, news and reflections on the Vio.Me factory occupation-coorperative, in Thessaloniki.  If the occupation remains legally precarious, Vio.Me now stands as an example in europe not only of workers’ self-management, but … Continue reading

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Territorialising solidarity: Okupied refugee squats in Athens

In the early hours of the 24th of August, the housing squat for refugees and migrants, Notara 26, in Athens was the target of an incendiary attack.  The molotov and gas-bottle bombs caused serious material damage and could have killed … Continue reading

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