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A call for solidarity from the autonomous collective of Fraguas

The self-managed, autonomous community of Fraguas was born of a rural occupation began in 2013. We have on more than one occasion shared news about the project, as well as calls for solidarity, before increasing State repression. With the community … Continue reading

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The state against autonomy: In defence of Fraguas

On the 23rd of February, thousands marched through Madrid in solidarity with and in defence of the Fraguas rural occupation. (Kaos en la red) Six of the accused-defendants involved in the occupation were sentenced to 1 year and 9 months … Continue reading

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In solidarity: Fraguas and the creation of community

We have recently posted a series of articles against the idea of a “revolutionary” government, against the idea of government or the State as an instrument of anti-capitalist reform or radical change. We believe that in whatever guise, the State … Continue reading

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