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The call of anarchism: An identity made in practice

I believe that if those who feel called upon to act as guardians of the anarchist movement once realized how little it is in need of their guardianship, what a trifle each individual contribution is, even theirs, they would be … Continue reading

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Ruymán Rodríguez: Neighbourhood anarchism. A surmounting thesis

If you struggle you can lose If you don’t struggle you are lost On a wall in Cordoba Ruymán Rodríguez‘s “neighbourhood anarchism” is the child of his militant experience in the Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria (FAGC).  It is an effort … Continue reading

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To be an anarchist: Ruymán Rodríguez

We share once again an essay, in translation, by Ruymán Rodríguez of the FAGC – Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria (alasbarricadas.org 26/03/2017).  What follows is a critical reflection on what it means to be an anarchist, born of Rodríguez’s experience with the FAGC. … Continue reading

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In solidarity with Ruymán Rodríguez and the FAGC

On the 30th of April 2015, in Santa María de Guía, Grand Canary, the anarchist activist Ruymán Rodríguez, member of the Federación de Anarquistas de Gran Canaria (FAGC)/Anarchist Federation of the Grand Canary, member of the recently created Sindicato de … Continue reading

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Anarchist myths

We share below a reflection by Ruymán Rodríguez of the Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria on the limits of an anarchism exclusively thought in terms of anti-statism and anti-capitalism.

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Anarchism in the streets: Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria (FAGC)

Get into the neighbourhoods, don’t be afraid of hostility, suspicion, quarrels and base passions, that, I assure you, you will encounter.  Take advantage rather of the fact that the virtual recuperation penetrates even into those with an empty stomach.  Seek … Continue reading

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