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Fear the everyday state: From egypt

On the fifth anniversary of the fall of Egypt’s president Mubarak, what follows is an account of the uprising, and the ebb and flow of the Egyptian revolution, from an anonymous activist in Cairo.  (Posted on libcom.org).

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State terror in egypt: For Giulio Regeni

On the 3rd February, the lifeless body of the italian student and journalist Giulio Regeni was found in a ditch in a peripheral neighbourhood of Cairo.  It was then learned that he had been kidnapped by egyptian police on the … Continue reading

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Whither the egyptian revolution?

What follows are reflections, readings, of events in egypt of the last few months, of a revolution seemingly appropriated or hijacked by military authorities.  They are testimonials, but also efforts to trace, open, paths beyond seeming failure …

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15M: A Cartography of the Spanish Revolution 47

O 15M em busca do mundo rural/15M in search of rural Spain …

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