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Communal living, making community: David Thoreau Wieck

The role of principle in anarchist thought and action, as I understand it, is to liberate the positive ethical life of human beings. Thus the principle of power-negation is rather a constitutive principle of the desired society than a rule … Continue reading

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An apology for communism: The invisible committee’s Now

I am large, I contain multitudes.  Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass The real problem is not that of restoring a Marxist or Leninist or Maoist truth, nor that of remaking an organisation with the same methods and therefore the same … Continue reading

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Renzo Novatore: My iconoclastic individualism

Anarchy is not a social form, but a method of individuation. No society will concede to me more than a limited freedom and a well-being that it grants to each of its members. But I am not content with this … Continue reading

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Elisée Reclus: On anarchist colonies

As a complement to our last post, the essay “The limits of community” by Ruymán Rodríguez, we share the first of two essays, among others cited by Rodríguez, that help to further understand the bases of his reflection.  The first essay, … Continue reading

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The limits of community

We share an essay by Ruymán Rodríguez that critically evaluates the radical poltical potential of the idea of community.  Without defending the need to abandon the creation of communities as part of a larger anarchist political project, Rodríguez nevertheless argues … Continue reading

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