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Creating autonomies in greece: Voices from the capitalist wilderness

Theodoros Karyotis’ essay “The Right to the City in an Age of Austerity”, focusing on greek urban-political struggles in the period of 2008 and after, allows us to conceive of what a radical politics might look like beyond the indigenous-capitalist … Continue reading

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What is to be done? The question of a proletarian revolution

(photograph by Sebastião Salgado) proletarian 1650s (n.) “member of the lowest class;” 1660s (adj.) “of the lowest class of people;”; with – iant + Latin proletarius “citizen of the lowest class” (as an adjective, “relating to offspring), in Ancient Rome, propertyless people, … Continue reading

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An apology for communism: The invisible committee’s Now

I am large, I contain multitudes.  Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass The real problem is not that of restoring a Marxist or Leninist or Maoist truth, nor that of remaking an organisation with the same methods and therefore the same … Continue reading

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All power to the plenums: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s insurrection

Generalised self-management is simply the totality in accordance with which the councils unitarily inaugurate a style of life based on permanent and collective imagination … Raoul Vaneigem … power does not define itself only by its capacity to make itself … Continue reading

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The anti-worlds of communism: John Holloway

From the The Guardian, a video series that reflects on worlds beyond capitalism.  The first is an animation to the words of John Holloway …

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