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Finding our way in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes with the words of Miguel Amorós

A March 2018 interview in which Miguel Amorós discusses his anti-development concepts, the global trend towards mega-urbanization, the destructive tendencies of capitalist development, Latin American populist governments and their social basis, the civil society movement, and perspectives for a movement … Continue reading

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Giorgio Agamben: On the metropolis

Okupation, between the city and the metropolis; sharing a short reflection (generation online) by Giorgio Agamben on the politics of the metropolis against the city  …

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Voices from an okupation: The assembleia de occupação de Lisboa

Ongoing reflections on an okupation in Lisbon (continuing a discussion) … The essay below, which we share in translation, is by Tiago F. Duarte, a member of the Assembleia de occupação de Lisboa, a collective responsible for the recent occupation … Continue reading

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The order of the urban: “Metropolis: A film”

Universal history was born in cities, and it reached maturity with the city’s decisive victory over the country. For Marx, one of the greatest revolutionary merits of the bourgeoisie was the fact that it “subjected the country to the city,” … Continue reading

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Nuit Debout: To live the commune – Interventions by the revolutionary erotic committee

France’s Nuit Debout movement may be the first of the post-2011 “movements of occupation” that dissipates almost entirely due to its own democratic self-delusions.

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Gentrificação: A cidade como campo de apropriação, deslocação e segregação

Partilhamos uma reflexão sobre a gentrificação enquanto processo de desalojamento capitalista, de um amigo de Autonomies … No dia 14 de Junho de 1989, Bruce Bailey, activista de defesa dos direitos de inquilinos na cidade de Nova York foi assassinado, … Continue reading

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Gentrification: The city as a field of appropriation, dislocation and segregation

We share below a reflection on gentrification as capitalist dispossession, from a friend of Autonomies … On the 14 the of June of 1989, Bruce Bailey, tenants activist in New York city, was murdered, his dismembered body abandoned in a … Continue reading

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