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Crossing the borders of struggles: In solidarity, in memory, with the Mapuche and Santiago Maldonado

The enslavement to capitalism occurs in multiple spaces and times.  If commodity production and the submission to money homogenises and deterritorialises, the reproduction of capitalist social relations distributes human populations across differential, hierarchical and conflicting geographies and histories.

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With and beyond anti-fascism (1)

… to make use of the weapons created by fascism, which has been allowed to use the fundamental aspirations of people for affective exultation and fanaticism. But we affirm that the exaltation… must be placed in the service… of a … Continue reading

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capitalism is death

I’ve seen the future, brother: it is murder. Leonard Cohen, The Future In the time of our disaster, our waste directly kills us by the millions (i) and extinguishes the flora and fauna of all environments upon which all life … Continue reading

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Financialization, precarity and reactionary authoritarianism: From Roarmag

(art by penny) What would a politics look like that promised not to end but to embrace precariousness, not as an inescapable economic “reality” (which is what our current system of financialized austerity pledges) but as a socio-ontological sine qua … Continue reading

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A Paris Autumn

The 12th of September marks the beginning of protests against the new (yet again!) french government’s proposed labour law reforms.  Exit the socialists François Hollande and Manuel Valls, enter the golden boy, “I belong to no political party!”, politician as … Continue reading

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The Chicago Conspiracy: A film memory of chile’s 9/11 and beyond

From subversive action films …

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Guy Debord and Giorgio Agamben – Dialogues II: Marginal Notes on Comments on the Society of the Spectacle

The situation is neither the becoming-art of life nor the becoming-life of art. We can comprehend its true nature only if we locate it historically in its proper place: that is, after the end and self destruction of art, and after the passage of … Continue reading

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The spectacle of football: A somnambulist’s reflections on a man called Neymar

As long as necessity is socially dreamed, dreaming will remain a social necessity.  The spectacle is the bad dream of a modern society in chains and ultimately expresses nothing more than its wish for sleep.  The spectacle is the guardian … Continue reading

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The order of the urban: “Metropolis: A film”

Universal history was born in cities, and it reached maturity with the city’s decisive victory over the country. For Marx, one of the greatest revolutionary merits of the bourgeoisie was the fact that it “subjected the country to the city,” … Continue reading

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Jacques Rancière: Reflections on equality and emancipation

“Autonomy” has been a key concept in modern emancipatory politics. But it must be understood correctly. It does not mean the autonomous power of a subject as opposed to external forces: it means a form of thinking, practice and organization … Continue reading

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