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Revolution imagined outside history

Utopia of a Tired Man Borges story Illustration by Federico Abuyé   The chronicler, who recounts events without distinguishing between the great and small, thereby accounts for the truth, that nothing which has ever happened is to be given as … Continue reading

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With the war on the ZADs as horizon, a reflection on wilderness

A day will come when all the imaginary lines will be blown away, and in the scattering dust of all the maps made meaningless, all things will be left equal once again. Pray for calamity We do not know if … Continue reading

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The long and winding May of 1968 (4): April 4 – The assassination of Martin Luther King

The african/black american struggle against slavery and racism far predates the rebellions of 1968.  Yet the 1960s marked an intensification in this struggle, comparable to few other moments in recent history. We will not pretend to analyse this struggle in … Continue reading

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For Moishe Postone

In all revolutions up till now the mode of activity remained unchanged and it was only a question of a different distribution of this activity, a new distribution of labour to other persons, whilst the communist revolution is directed against … Continue reading

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Crossing the borders of struggles: In solidarity, in memory, with the Mapuche and Santiago Maldonado

The enslavement to capitalism occurs in multiple spaces and times.  If commodity production and the submission to money homogenises and deterritorialises, the reproduction of capitalist social relations distributes human populations across differential, hierarchical and conflicting geographies and histories.

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With and beyond anti-fascism (1)

… to make use of the weapons created by fascism, which has been allowed to use the fundamental aspirations of people for affective exultation and fanaticism. But we affirm that the exaltation… must be placed in the service… of a … Continue reading

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capitalism is death

I’ve seen the future, brother: it is murder. Leonard Cohen, The Future In the time of our disaster, our waste directly kills us by the millions (i) and extinguishes the flora and fauna of all environments upon which all life … Continue reading

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Financialization, precarity and reactionary authoritarianism: From Roarmag

(art by penny) What would a politics look like that promised not to end but to embrace precariousness, not as an inescapable economic “reality” (which is what our current system of financialized austerity pledges) but as a socio-ontological sine qua … Continue reading

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A Paris Autumn

The 12th of September marks the beginning of protests against the new (yet again!) french government’s proposed labour law reforms.  Exit the socialists François Hollande and Manuel Valls, enter the golden boy, “I belong to no political party!”, politician as … Continue reading

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The Chicago Conspiracy: A film memory of chile’s 9/11 and beyond

From subversive action films …

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