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Revolution imagined outside history

Utopia of a Tired Man Borges story Illustration by Federico Abuyé   The chronicler, who recounts events without distinguishing between the great and small, thereby accounts for the truth, that nothing which has ever happened is to be given as … Continue reading

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For May 68 as a permanent possibility, for a May 2018

Numerous calls have been made in france not to celebrate May 68, but to have it burn again in 2018.  These calls have in turn been circulated beyond france. From lespaves.net, an invitation for a beautiful May in Paris …

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The winds of May 68 in France: the Larzac

An often forgotten or ignored dimension of May 68 were france’s peasant movements, which preceded 1968 and would continue after the student movement and general strike came to an end. The Larzac protest and land occupation against government plans to … Continue reading

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For March 8, women’s day: Queering anarchism, queering feminism

Feminism is often trapped in reified forms of female-feminine identity, appealing to state authorities for the recognition and protection of women’s rights (when rights must be taken-created, not asked for), affirming a female “nature” against an ambient, violent misogyny, demanding … Continue reading

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Fascism is the distilled poison of capitalism: Macerata, Italy

When a fascist feels that s/he is free to set upon others with impunity, to insult, to threaten, to maim and to kill those that are deemed a menace to the national-racial body, then anti-capitalists are already in a position … Continue reading

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Crossing the borders of struggles: In solidarity, in memory, with the Mapuche and Santiago Maldonado

The enslavement to capitalism occurs in multiple spaces and times.  If commodity production and the submission to money homogenises and deterritorialises, the reproduction of capitalist social relations distributes human populations across differential, hierarchical and conflicting geographies and histories.

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On non-state power: Raúl Zibechi

Collective labor underpins the commons, and is the true material base that produces and reproduces living communities, based on relations of reciprocity and mutual help rather than the hierarchical and individualized relations at the core of state institutions. The community … Continue reading

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Killing the beast in its lair: Silvia Federici and the social reproduction of capitalism

Social reproduction is a relatively recent term. In the 1970s, we spoke of it in terms of domestic work, referring to all the activities that reproduce our daily life and at the same time, in a capitalist society, also reproduce … Continue reading

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On friendship and happiness: Reflections on joyful militancy

Yue Minjun But in much of Ionia and elsewhere in the Persian Empire the rule is that love-affairs are wrong.  In Persia, it is because of their tyrannical government that they condemn them, as well as intellectual and athletic activities.  … Continue reading

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Self-Destruction as Insurrection: An essay by Irmgard Emmelhainz

… from Devil’s Freedom by Everardo González  What remains of “revolution” when an absolute capitalism generates profits from the death of superfluous populations?  What “liberal subject” bearer of rights, not to speak of  “revolutionary subject”, persists when the redundant have … Continue reading

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