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Gustav Landauer on the german revolution of 1918-19

Gustav Landauer would fully engage with the events of the German Revolution, both as writer and militant.  And if criticised certain decisions or actions, he did not hesitate to commit himself to revolution whose anarchist dimension is often ignored. We … Continue reading

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Remembrance: Of war and against war

The Drum I hate that drum’s discordant sound, Parading round, and round, and round: To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields, And lures from cities and from fields, To sell their liberty for charms Of tawdry lace and glitt’ring arms; And … Continue reading

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A call for solidarity: The libertarian cultural centre of Almada

Anarchist social centres constitute fragile points of passage for anti-capitalist archipelagos of resistance.  Their fragility is born of the (ever increasing) restrictions of private property and State opposition.  Yet they are often the only link to rebellious pasts and radical … Continue reading

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The call of anarchism: An identity made in practice

I believe that if those who feel called upon to act as guardians of the anarchist movement once realized how little it is in need of their guardianship, what a trifle each individual contribution is, even theirs, they would be … Continue reading

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Lessons from argentina: The FORA and Emilio López Arango

  Emancipation isn’t a problem of mechanics nor an issue that can be resolved through technical means. A worker may be able to run a factory or put in motion all the machinery of an industry, but there isn’t in … Continue reading

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The swelling of leeches

Over the course of the lifetime of Green Anarchy, the collective behind it elaborated a intense criticism of “civilisation”, and it is above all the passion that they brought to this task that we wish to celebrate in sharing the … Continue reading

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Between means and ends, between reflection and vision

(Charles Burchfield, The Builders (House Wreckers in June), 1931)   If the idea of “Revolution” is to retain any meaning, it needs to be situational in orientation, rooted in the personal desires for liberation, and also be relating to the … Continue reading

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The anarchy of beauty: Annie Le Brun

  There is no very evident use in beauty; the necessity of it for cultural purposes is not apparent, and yet civilization could not do without it. The science of aesthetics investigates the conditions in which things are regarded as beautiful; it … Continue reading

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Love and revolution: A film by Yannis Youlountas

We share below Yannis Youlountas most recent documentary film-testimony of struggles for autonomy in greece.  In letting those who are directly engaged in these struggles speak for themselves, his work offers a glimpse of what served as a title for … Continue reading

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Viva Bresci!

Remembering Gaetano Bresci, with the Crimethinc. collective …

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