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Algeria: The beauty and courage of rebellion

Beginning as a protest against a fifth presidential term for the half dead, 82 year old Abdelaziz Bouteflika (in power since 1999) on the 22nd of February, the algerian protests have swelled into a mass rebellion against against an authoritarian, … Continue reading

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The situationists in algeria

Without any suggestion that the Situationist texts posted below offer a complete understanding of the algerian struggle for national liberation, without any idolatry of words, but solely with the intent of complementing our last post on traditions of autonomy in … Continue reading

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Traditions of autonomy: Kabylia

Eduardo Viveiros de Castro speaks of the indigenous as those who are still “tied” to a land for their well-being, as peoples whose “economy” is still significantly “local”; or indeed, who have no “economy”, as a separate and and dominate … Continue reading

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Wassyla Tamzali: The “arab spring”, feminism and islam

Encounters between feminism and islam, in the wake of the arab spring, are the themes of an interview given by the algerian lawyer and feminist activist Wassyla Tamzali to the spanish newspaper, Periódico Diagonal (03/06/2016).  Whatever differences we may have … Continue reading

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