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Building new solidarities between movements: insurrectionary politics of food autonomy in the city of Athens

The question of rebellion/revolution is often posed in terms of the question, “what is to be done?” However, by so articulating any reflection-practice on radical political change, we are lead to consider revolution in terms of struggles between and for … Continue reading

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Vio.Me, Greece: Creating solidarities within and beyond factory walls

In the past, we have shared, in the english language, news and reflections on the Vio.Me factory occupation-coorperative, in Thessaloniki.  If the occupation remains legally precarious, Vio.Me now stands as an example in europe not only of workers’ self-management, but … Continue reading

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Territorialising solidarity: Okupied refugee squats in Athens

In the early hours of the 24th of August, the housing squat for refugees and migrants, Notara 26, in Athens was the target of an incendiary attack.  The molotov and gas-bottle bombs caused serious material damage and could have killed … Continue reading

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From Transcapes: Migration Crisis or Zemblanity?

In continuity with our reflections on mass migration as a phenomenon to be politicised, and politicised in anti-Statist directions (e.g. no borders solidarity), we share below a reflection on the “migration crisis” by members of the Transcapes Research Collective based … Continue reading

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The anarchist critique of democracy (4): CrimethInc.

The anarchist collective CrimethInc. initiated last month a critical analysis and discussion of “democracy”, promising a series of reflections.  What follows is the fourth essay, Destination Anarchy! , preceded by the introduction to the series and an introduction to the essay. … Continue reading

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I struggle therefore I am: Yannis Youlantis

In cinematographic chronicles, Yannis Youlantis tells stories of resistance and struggle in greece and spain.  The virtue and beauty of his films is the beauty of those who create autonomy against those who reduce the many to slavery.  Whether it be in … Continue reading

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The december rebellion in greece and the creation of autonomies

We share below a translation of a journalistic report by Ines Morales Bernardos and published in Periodico Diagonal on the creation of collective, self-managed autonomies in greece, in the wake of the December 2008 popular uprisings.

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Remembering the 6th of december, greece … and beyond: For Alexandros Grigoropoulos

We share below a documentary/political intervention “The potential to storm heaven”, covering the popular uprising in Athens and greece, following on the police murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in 2008 (posted on anarchistnews.org), and from Ross Domoney, video of protests this year … Continue reading

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Vio.Me: A call for solidarity from a workers’ self-managed collective

We publish below a message from the self-managed workers collective of Vio.Me, of greece.  Born of a factory occupation, the collective has been able to continue to produce in a self-managed manner for three years, an example for others who … Continue reading

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Anarchist Federation Forming In Greece … Echoes From Another Time Across The Ocean

We are reprinting the English translation of the text announcing and providing a background to the creation of a federation of anarchist groups in Greece. The comments that follow are my own brief personal reflections on this in the context … Continue reading

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