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The question of the independence of catalonia: From Crimethinc

We return to the referendum on the independence of catalonia, to the struggle between the spanish state and the state of an aspiring new republic, to where anarchists may find their ground …

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The catalan referendum: From Crimethinc

Reflections on the catalan referendum, from the Crimethinc. collective …

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The catalan referendum: anarchy and/or self-determination?

Sunday, October 1st, was the day in which the residents of catalonia were asked to vote on the region’s independence.  The referendum, having earlier been declared unconstitutional by the spanish courts, became then the object of an active judicially driven … Continue reading

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Anarchists organise everywhere: The catalan anarchist federation

We share and translate news from the A las barricadas (04/05/2015), about the Anarchist Federation of Catalonia, one more effort to bring together libertarian interventions in society …

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Disobedience, resistance, okupation: Anti-capitalist movements in Manresa, Catalonia

The revolution takes place in our everyday present … Manresa, a small city of the region of Bages, in Catalonia, is an industrial centre in decline, with numerous industries closed or in a state of terminal crisis.  Like a sort … Continue reading

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