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Anti-capitalism as the creation of desire: From Eukariot

What is important right now is to twirl in a cheerful danse macabre on the grave of bourgeois enjoyment. Eukariot A speculative, provocative and experimental intervention, from Eukariot (Issue 1) … Firm Statements (Soon To Be Proven Wrong) I. – There are, … Continue reading

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Jacques Rancière: Reflections on equality and emancipation

“Autonomy” has been a key concept in modern emancipatory politics. But it must be understood correctly. It does not mean the autonomous power of a subject as opposed to external forces: it means a form of thinking, practice and organization … Continue reading

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The passions of revolution

Society is always pushing you to turn into something other than what you want to be. Society attempts to make you someone else, a copy, a simulacrum. It is necessary to realize that we are not here to fulfill the … Continue reading

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Now: The Invisible Committee

It’s useless to wait-for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of a civilization. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and the limits of populism

Political scientists, commentators, journalists tell us that we live in an age of renewed nationalist populism; that against the rational, geopolitical management of global economic agencies, conservative-reactionary political movements threaten to upset the conditions of economic and social progress with … Continue reading

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Anarchist myths

We share below a reflection by Ruymán Rodríguez of the Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria on the limits of an anarchism exclusively thought in terms of anti-statism and anti-capitalism.

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Economies beyond capitalism: Anarchist reflections and practices

What is anti-capitalism?  What distinguishes anarchist anti-capitalism from other “competing” social-political projects?  Whatever answers are forthcoming to such questions, at the heart of any anti-capitalism is an “alternative economy”.  What this in turn amounts to has been a matter of … Continue reading

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