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The pacifying state: Spain and the laws against rebellion

The State’s power is fundamentally rooted in its ability to define the limits within which its sovereignty is exercised; a power that rests upon the State’s ability to simultaneously stand outside those very limits.  This paradox is at the very … Continue reading

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Anarchist interventions in brazil’s winter of discontent

Exclusion of people from the means of life is internal to capitalism.  If the social relations that constitute capitalism’s fabric allow some to benefit from the domination intrinsic to those relations, the many are exploited and/or rendered superfluous as befits … Continue reading

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(Parliamentary) Democracy, the Modern State, Capitalism and Fascism

The article that follows makes a number of points that are worth emphasising.  In a nutshell, "fascism is not a central political choice of the [modern] state".  Democracy with its "consensual" style of rule (and other tools) is a much … Continue reading

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Capitalism Dictator

The writer of the article that follows concludes as follows: ” For them [European governments], the important point is to keep the economic system sustainable. They see it as irrelevant what happens politically; whether, that is, there is a representative … Continue reading

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The Golden Dawn, Fascists, Neo-Nazis and the State

It is mostly in the writings of contemporary anti-authoritarian writers that we find the view that fascism and its various embodied (or should we say excremented) manifestations are not a symptom but an essential component (although often in partial manifestations) … Continue reading

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