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An apology for communism: The invisible committee’s Now

I am large, I contain multitudes.  Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass The real problem is not that of restoring a Marxist or Leninist or Maoist truth, nor that of remaking an organisation with the same methods and therefore the same … Continue reading

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Government by the economy: The invisible committee’s Now

The astonishing reality of things Is my discovery every day. Each thing is what it is, And it’s hard to explain to someone how much this makes me happy, How much it’s enough for me. If I stretch out my … Continue reading

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Now and the anarchy of destituent power: Reading politics with the invisible committee

… they wanted to reinvent everything, each day; to make themselves masters and possessors of their own lives. Guy Debord If to constituent power corresponds revolutions, uprisings and new consititutions, that is, a violence that lays down and constitutes new … Continue reading

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Reading our times with Now: The invisible committee

Beginning by abandoning the old idea of revolution and reinventing it … Not as a new ideology but as a true praxis of an ethics of freedom to redefine the desirable and the undesirable and to create a new subjectivity … Continue reading

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Now: The Invisible Committee

It’s useless to wait-for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of a civilization. … Continue reading

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Merry crisis and happy new fear: Invisible Committee, To Our Friends

On the happy occasion of a new year, we share the chapter, “Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear” from the Invisible Committtee’s To our friends.  (The full text can be found on line at the Anarchist Library).

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Fighting in Brazil

It is not enough to identify ourselves only as enemies of the state and the status quo. We are not the only ones who oppose this system. When you are involved in revolutionary or mass movements, even if you have … Continue reading

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France: Insurgent Thought in a Fragmented World

From Ill Will editions and anarchist news, a quick and dirty english translation of a review of The Invisible Committee’s Now from yesterday’s Le Monde, along with an interview with Julien Coupat and Mathieu Burnel with Le Monde (20/04/2017) …

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The ZAD: an autonomous zone in the heart of france

From Roarmag collective (26/01/2017), a reflection on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes by Martin Legall, a pre-figuarative struggle for autonomy … 

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Reclaiming life in insurrection

Je me révolte, donc nous sommes. Albert Camus, L’Homme révolté What follows below is a rich reflection on insurrection originally published in Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, N° 70/71 and 72/73 (04/06/2016).  The essay, authored by Lupus Dragonowl and entitled … Continue reading

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