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Can Vies: The resonances of an okupation

…we need to abandon the view of autonomy that fantasizes uncontaminated enclaves of emancipation. Stavros Stavrides For over a week, thousands protested the eviction and partial destruction of the Can Vies Self-managed Social Centre in Barcelona, in the Centre’s neighbourhood … Continue reading

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The rebellion/resistance of okupied social centres: Centre Social Autogestionat Can Vies

An okupied social centre is a form of direct action against State-Capital. It is a refusal of the sacrosanctity of private property and of the authority which oversees its protection. It is a making common that which is held privately … Continue reading

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15M: From legacy to future

Spain’s 15th of May movement of 2011 marks a shift in ways of thinking and doing politics, or to borrow Amador Fernández-Savater’s expression, a shift in desire.

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Rebel neighbourhoods: Vallcarca, Barcelona

As we once wrote of Madrid’s Carabanchel neighbourhood … “There are cities where particular neighbourhoods guard a memory of past disobedience and rebellion. They were in the past often referred to as working-class neighbourhoods, or quartiers populaires, to employ the … Continue reading

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Gràcia, Barcelona: Battles for an okupied bank

In June of 2014, we posted news about a series of okupations of banks in Catalonia, with the aim of creating social centres.  One such okupation was baptised the Banc Expropiat of the Gràcia neighbourhood in Barcelona.

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Precarity in Paradise: the Barcelona model

We share below an essay by Peter Gelderloos on the capitalist city and anticapitalist resistance in Barcelona that originally appeared in Roarmag (28/06/2015) …

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From Apoyo Mutuo: Towards popular power

In solidarity with Apoyo Mutuo, the Madrid based initiative to “organise” anarchist and libertarian actions across different collectives, groups and sensibilities (one of many that today mark the country’s political landscape – e.g. Procés Embat in catalonia, more recently, Aunar … Continue reading

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Forms of politics: Anarchism and organisation

S’organiser n’a jamais voulu dire s’affiler à la même organisation. S’organiser, c’est agir d’après une perception commune, à quelque niveau que ce soit. Dormir, se battre, manger, se soigner, faire la fête, conspirer, débattre, relèvent d’un seul movement vital.  La … Continue reading

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Visions of pandora in spain: Anarchist protests

… contre-insurrection, de doctrine militaire, est devenue principe de gouvernement. comité invisible, A nos amis In one possible interpretation of the mythic figure of Pandora, she is not the harbinger/carrier of evil, but rather a source of gifts to humanity, a … Continue reading

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Tomás Ibáñez: “One never takes power, it is power which takes us”

On the occasion of the publication of Tomás Ibáñez’ book, Anarquismo es movimiento, we republish below, in translation, an interview with him that appeared in La Marea (29/06/2014): a reading of contemporary anarchism.

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