A call for solidarity from the autonomous collective of Fraguas

The self-managed, autonomous community of Fraguas was born of a rural occupation began in 2013. We have on more than one occasion shared news about the project, as well as calls for solidarity, before increasing State repression. With the community now threatened with physical destruction, and when more support than ever is needed, we again share such a call.

For those who wish to know more about Fraguas, our earlier posts are available here.

Imminent danger of eviction, demolition and imprisonment of 6 people from the village of Fraguas. We can not allow it. We call for indefinite days of resistance in order to stop it. This can only be stopped if there is a massive influx of people willing to defend the project.

There is no concrete date for the demolition but there are many preparations to be made and we need help. We intend to use techniques of peaceful resistance and disobedience. They want to destroy autonomy, community life, self-sufficiency, self-management, the rural world, its inhabitants and traditional culture.

They want to manage everything at their discretion, civil society has to say enough. With all humility, we want to invoke the spirit of other struggles, like those of Sasé, the Zad, Hambach and many other stories of resistance that although they did not always conserve the space, they serve as seeds or inspiration for everyone.

They want to imprison 6 people for crimes that were in fact committed by Franco’s government, usurping the houses and lands from their rightful owners and changing the territorial order that had existed for more than 5 centuries. Imprisoned as real estate speculators, an irony when the corrupt and speculators are in the courts.

To all the people who have ever come, or if you have never come and want to see Fraguas alive, it is time to come and defend the collective; if you wait it may be too late. Now or never. We embrace all of those who live in self-management.

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  2. Todd Cieri says:

    I just visited Spain and Portugal for my first time and could see the old towns and villages fading from the landscape with my own eyes. As it turns out my grandfather opened a factory in Guadalajara many years ago, sadly that too is demolished and a new building is being put in its place. I am extremely impressed with the efforts by the people to bring this town back to life and I’m so sad to hear about the governmental interference and criminal prosecution against members of the group. Though I do not have a large online presence, I will share this story to people in the United States. Wish I could help more.

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