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From extinction rebellion to desirous rebellion

At the moment when all humanity lives under the menace of possible annihilation, for the very means of this annihilation have ceased to be illusory, then the whole of the real, all at once, descends into fiction. Marcel Mariën, Théorie … Continue reading

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Remembering a revolution: Portugal 1974-5

On this, the 45th anniversary of the portuguese revolution, we share a brief account of the revolutionary events of 1974-75 by Raquel Varela (excerpted from her monograph, A Peoples’ History of the Portuguese Revolution, Pluto, 2019) and published at Roarmag.

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In solidarity with Gaspard Glanz

We have on numerous occasions shared video reports from the independent and politically engaged news collective, Taranis news. The courage and art that they have consistently brought to their work with radical social movements makes them one of the most … Continue reading

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In solidarity with the okupied social centres/squats of Athens

In a series of police operations in Athens, over the last ten days, four okupied social centres were cleared, including two that provided autonomous, self-managed housing for migrants. The objective is clear: to discipline rebellious segments of the population (most … Continue reading

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The gilets jaunes: Understanding the resistance of an insurrection

A further reflection on the yellow vests movement, as it continues to defy, on the occasion of Act XXIII …

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Giorgio Agamben: The way of poverty

A reflection on Giorgio Agamben’s work, The Highest Poverty, or on the “way of poverty” against the “way of wealth or enrichment”, by Jacques Fradin. (lundi matin #186, 09/04/2019)

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Against the domestication of Pier Paolo Pasolini and the legitimisation of fascism

In an italy of rising and self-legitimising neo-fascism, of growing State and non-State violence against “minorities”, dissidents and foreigners, it is fundamental to return to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s reflections on the subject, as well as to resist appropriations of his … Continue reading

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When rebellion is child’s play: John Holloway on the zapatistas

John Holloway has been a keen observer of the zapatista movement since its beginning, and we share two reflections by him, as a closing contribution on the mexican revolution, or revolutions, both past and present.

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Creating indigenous autonomies: The zapatistas of Chiapas

In continuity with our recent post on the mexican revolution, we share a rich article on the present day zapatista movement of Chiapas by Tikva Honig-Parnass, posted on Roarmag. Our concern here is not to politically evaluate the movement (we … Continue reading

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A letter for anarchy: Esther Ferrer to John Cage

Performance art is the most democratic. Everyone can do it. You don’t need a technique, you don’t have to have gone through a fine arts school, nor be a specialist in anything. You only have to have the desire to … Continue reading

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