From the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes: An intergalactic call

From the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Appel Intergalactique 19/04/2018) …

Welcome to France.

As idea and engraved in the stone: Liberty, equality, fraternity.

In the flesh and in reality: public services attacked. Solidarity condemned. Freedom trampled. Asphyxiated peasantry. Popular neighborhoods mutilated. Social movements annihilated. Medical corps repressed, Railwaymen denied. Muzzled students. Pensioners despised. And still more….

Welcome to the ZAD.

2,500 soldiers and their armored vehicles landing for 200 inhabitants. A week later. 11,000 grenades.

250 injured according to the last count, 30 places of life destroyed, tens of thousands of people in support (thank you!) a dialogue begun, the armored turret pointed at the temple and the excavator behind. The hand extended, the middle finger lifted. Welcome to the lie of the State.

Because they speak of a rule of law by assassinating twenty people a year in France, and democracy, while pounding Syria. Because the state and the government are asking us to bow down until we break. Because they ask us to bend the knee until it fractures. Because they isolate each anger to further fragment the revolt, setting us up against each other as we breathe the same gases. They will tell us not to confuse everything, because they know they are our common enemy. They want to divide us.

Because every pavement, every building, every tree planted is the fruit of our ancestors and grandmothers, here and elsewhere, and not theirs. We have almost forgotten that this world belongs to us and that it is high time to take it back from them. Because they cannot be everywhere, while we can be. Because “ZAD Everywhere” is not just a tag on a wall, a nice poster or a demonstration slogan, but the idea of the convergence of struggles and solidarity. Because the ZAD belongs to those who have supported it, support it and will support it, the sorting constantly carried out by the machine is unacceptable. Because we are the wheat AND the chaff. Because by exterminating the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, they think that they can demonstrate their strength and give a lesson to all those who dare to raise their voices and fight.

From April 23rd on, they may come back. And, according to them, finish it off. If this happens, we immediately call on those who fight, who are indignant, who rebel, on all who are set aside, the repressed, the oppressed, on those who have not yet dared, have tried, on those who have missed, on those who will miss better, on those who will succeed, on those who have been forgotten …. to become ungovernable, wild, collectively, whether in the zone or elsewhere, with creativity and imagination. Because every way of doing, every sensitivity and every action counts, diversity is our greatest weapon. It remains to express it in concert. May this week and its continuation be ours, sincere and authentic.

Let’s be magnificent.

See you very soon.

The many squatters of the ZAD

The 2nd battle of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Day 3, April 11

15/4/2018 : 10 000 people at the ZAD to reconstruct the Gourbi !

PARIS 19/4/2018 : MANIF UNITAIRE : “The street belongs to whom?!”

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