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For Moishe Postone

In all revolutions up till now the mode of activity remained unchanged and it was only a question of a different distribution of this activity, a new distribution of labour to other persons, whilst the communist revolution is directed against … Continue reading

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We fight because we like it: Maintaining our morale against seemingly insurmountable odds

They are just ghosts, the ones who think people fight to win! They fight because they like it. And There Was Light, Autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, blind hero of the French Resistance From Conflictual Wisdom, through the hands of the Crimethinc … Continue reading

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In solidarity: Marielle Franco, presente! – Political murder and State terrorism in brazil

From the Black Rose Anarchist Federation, in solidarity with Marielle Franco and the many, many others arrested, tortured and killed by the brazilian state … We republish this urgent statement of solidarity by our compañerxs with the Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira (CAB) … Continue reading

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Walter Benjamin: Messianism and Revolution – Theses on History

The essay that we share below, by Andrew Robinson, bears the virtue of clarity; like a collector, he assembles the bits of Walter Benjamin’s work on messianism and revolution.  And yet because he writes as a collector of ideas, Benjamin’s … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream

Four years of filmed interviews with Noam Chomsky, on the politics and economics of the “neoliberal” united states of america, an america of obscene inequality and oligarchic rule … Disagreements aside, we share the documentary “Requiem for the American Dream”, … Continue reading

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Women’s day and the struggle of every day: María Galindo

A feminist-anarchist voice from the “South”: María Galinda and the critique of “Women’s Day” …

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A strike against/beyond borders: The march 8 feminist strike in spain

This year’s call for a global women’s strike to mark the 8th of March women’s day was expressed in protests throughout the world.  But it found no greater resonance than in spain.

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In solidarity with Pablo Hasél

In solidarity with the rapper Pablo Hasél, and all of the other dissidents fined, arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the spanish state.

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Reading events in italy with infoaut

As italians are called upon to vote in a change of the guard, we share a reflection from the alternative media collective, on the increasingly violent institutional politics that is put into practice against the country’s social movements …

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For March 8, women’s day: Queering anarchism, queering feminism

Feminism is often trapped in reified forms of female-feminine identity, appealing to state authorities for the recognition and protection of women’s rights (when rights must be taken-created, not asked for), affirming a female “nature” against an ambient, violent misogyny, demanding … Continue reading

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