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Voices from an okupation: The assembleia de occupação de Lisboa

Ongoing reflections on an okupation in Lisbon (continuing a discussion) … The essay below, which we share in translation, is by Tiago F. Duarte, a member of the Assembleia de occupação de Lisboa, a collective responsible for the recent occupation … Continue reading

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The city belongs to those who occupy it: Okupying Lisbon

Reflections after an assembly of a new okupation in Lisbon … Any new occupation is invariably accompanied by uncertainty, an uncertainty only intensified by a lack of clarity over means and goals, organisation and methods of functioning, and the physical … Continue reading

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Without fear: Land occupations in spain

On the 30th of June, the state owned land estate of Somonte, occupied in 2012 by landless, agricultural day labourers of the Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores/as (SAT), were evicted by a large police (Guardia Civil) intervention, for a fifth time. … Continue reading

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Anti-capitalism as the creation of desire: From Eukariot

What is important right now is to twirl in a cheerful danse macabre on the grave of bourgeois enjoyment. Eukariot A speculative, provocative and experimental intervention, from Eukariot (Issue 1) … Firm Statements (Soon To Be Proven Wrong) I. – There are, … Continue reading

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Notes on the Bure ZAD and the politics of eternity/death

Un grand sommeil noir Tombe sur ma vie : Dormez, tout espoir, Dormez, toute envie ! Je ne vois plus rien, Je perds la mémoire Du mal et du bien… O la triste histoire ! Je suis un berceau Qu’une … Continue reading

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The many ZAD of Bure, france: Autonomy before nuclear power

A convivial society should be designed to allow all its members the most autonomous action by means of tools least controlled by others. People feel joy, as opposed to mere pleasure, to the extent that their activities are creative; while … Continue reading

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A Paris Autumn

The 12th of September marks the beginning of protests against the new (yet again!) french government’s proposed labour law reforms.  Exit the socialists François Hollande and Manuel Valls, enter the golden boy, “I belong to no political party!”, politician as … Continue reading

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The Chicago Conspiracy: A film memory of chile’s 9/11 and beyond

From subversive action films …

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Ruymán Rodríguez: Neighbourhood anarchism. A surmounting thesis

If you struggle you can lose If you don’t struggle you are lost On a wall in Cordoba Ruymán Rodríguez‘s “neighbourhood anarchism” is the child of his militant experience in the Federación de Anarquistas Gran Canaria (FAGC).  It is an effort … Continue reading

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The russian revolution of 1917: Victor Serge

Bolshevik thought takes it for granted that truth is its peculiar possession. To Lenin, to Bukharin, to Trotsky, to Preobrajensky, to many another thinker I could mention, the materialist dialectic of Marx and Engels was at one and the same … Continue reading

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