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Jacques Rancière: Reflections on equality and emancipation

“Autonomy” has been a key concept in modern emancipatory politics. But it must be understood correctly. It does not mean the autonomous power of a subject as opposed to external forces: it means a form of thinking, practice and organization … Continue reading

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Insurrectionist or organisational anarchism?: A false dilemma

We cannot conceive that anarchists establish points to follow systemically as fixed dogmas. Because, even if a uniformity of views on the general lines of tactics to follow is assumed, these tactics are carried out in a hundred different forms … Continue reading

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The politics of cruelty: Hostis and the apology for insurrection

In an eloquent defense of insurrectionist politics, the Hostis journal critically dismisses all moralising forms of anarchism, eulogising of democracy and pacifism.  Caught in a religious-theological past, anarchists fall far too quickly into self-mutilating performances of virtuous and moral superiority … Continue reading

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This life is shit and you choose to burn it up: Get rid of yourself

We can truly understand this society only by negating it. Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle Capitalism, as with any form of social organisation, is a mode of creating human subjectivities. Its radical nature lies in its aspiration to do so … Continue reading

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