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Autonomy amid nothing: Reflections on nihilism

Emancipation is for us the meaning of nihilism. Gianni Vattimo By Arran James & Michael Pyska (the occupied times, 01/11/2014), a reflection on what we are tempted to call passive and active nihilism, following Nietzsche, with our two previous posts still … Continue reading

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Gender nihilism: An anti-manifesto

Photographs by Christer Strömholm Essays, translations, new postings of already published texts flow with the contingency of events and the chance encounters with persons, ideas, experiences …  The presumption that all flows smoothly from antecedent ideological choices and positions is purely … Continue reading

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Paul B. Preciado: Identity in transit

From Paul B. Preciado (Liberation 27/05/2016 – in translation), reflections on the radicalness of trans and migrant “identities”, identities that must be refused as fixed identities, identities that are rather lines of flight that put into question, contend with, mechanisms … Continue reading

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Resisting the erasure of memory: The spanish revolution of the 18th of July 1936

For every image of the past that is not recognised by the present as one of its own concerns threatens to disappear irretrievably. … In every era the attempt must be made anew to wrest tradition away from a conformism … Continue reading

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Erdogan’s turkey: The government of fear and terror

In the wake of the failed coup attempt in turkey on the night of the 15th of July, Erdogan and his AKP government has unleashed the only weapon by which he rules those who fall outside his religious-nationalist ambitions, fear … Continue reading

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Lucio Urtubia: An anarchist life

Anarchism has historically been essentially comprised of those who sought to live a world without authority and exploitation.  The forms that this desire took, and continue to take, have varied greatly ideologically, organisationally, practically.  The desire though has remained constant; … Continue reading

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Wassyla Tamzali: The “arab spring”, feminism and islam

Encounters between feminism and islam, in the wake of the arab spring, are the themes of an interview given by the algerian lawyer and feminist activist Wassyla Tamzali to the spanish newspaper, Periódico Diagonal (03/06/2016).  Whatever differences we may have … Continue reading

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Scenes from the class struggle in spain

The protagonists of class struggles are many, as are the stages upon which they are enacted and re-enacted.  What defines them is not historically pre-determined; revolutionaries and reactionaries playing out the assigned roles of objective social contradictions are all fictions … Continue reading

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Karen Karslyan: Poetry as transgression

From a friend of Autonomies … Karen Karslyan is a writer. He is in love with words; their texture, music, variations. He may stretch them and minimise them, turn them into objects that scream and images that see other images … Continue reading

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For Abbas Kiarostami: The singular beauty of truth, or the illusion of being

No artist, in any country, is free.  S/he is a living contestation. Pier Paolo Pasolini The films of Abbas Kiarostami are now complete.  With Kiarostami’s death this last July 4th, the worlds of his creation are now fixed, at least … Continue reading

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