Nuit Debout: The arts of rebellion

What makes night within us may leave stars.

Victor Hugo

The radicalness of a political movement can be measured by the extent of its resonances in different spheres of life and the extent to which it transgresses and creates thresholds between our divided worlds.  On the night of the 20th of April, Nuit Debout in the Place de la Republique was given the joy of a performance of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” by the newly formed Orchestre Debout …

Because we wish a new world, a better world, in which justice and culture will be at the basis of society, we have the right and even the duty to rise up. (Le Monde 21/04/2016)

… an initiative to be added to Dessin DeboutPoésie Debout, the “1000 days in March” literary adventure, an eruption of graphic art and graffiti … so many forms of occupying through art.


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