Antifenix: A call for solidarity

With czech anarchists arrested during “operation fenix”, we share the following message, in solidarity …

Operation Fenix

Prague, Czech Rebublic:

Police repressions, anarchists are charged with preparation of terrorist acts

“No repression can stop a longing for freedom!”

With ‘Operation Fenix’ came the biggest wave of police repressions against the anarchist and radical left movement in the recent czech history.

Taking people early in the morning hours, accusations of preparation of terrorist acts and confiscation of a server, which held several activists’ sites, all came with ‘Operation Fenix’ which started on Tuesday, 28th of April. Anti-extremist police is actively trying to frighten the anarchist and anti-authoritarian left scene and collecting information in a fishing expedition.

This is our distress call for international solidarity. Police put out an informational embargo on the operation, although some details have leaked to the media.

Today, on Thursday, the 7th of May, there are still three people in police custody. Three more have been charged with planning terrorist acts and other serious crimes.

Police tactics will not be successful. We will not let ourselves get frightened, we will continue with our political practice.

If you wish to help us, we will gladly accept any political or financial solidarity.

How to help?

In situations where the entire anarchist/radical left scene is facing systematic repressions on many frontiers, any help with softening the blows is more than welcome. We do not want to organize a centralized solidarity campaign, we know from experience in other countries, that the most successful campaigns were decentralized, creative and diverse. We hope to build a campaign transcending borders and coming from all directions.

Here are some suggestions, but of course, there is a myriad of possibilities and creativity is welcome and encouraged.

Information and the press:
Spread information about operation Fenix, share articles with new information on your social media accounts, inform about the situation on your blog… We ask you to use #antifenix as a way to unite the campaign.

Political solidarity:
We hope to use a diverse spectrum of political pressure put on the Czech government to stop the persecution of the anarchist/radical left scene and push to release all political prisoners. We plan to organize a day of solidarity demos for the arrested in operation Fenix. More info coming soon.

Financial solidarity:
Lawyers and law aid are a big expense, we are grateful for any beneficial event you may organize or any other financial support.

IBAN CZ98 0100 0000 0087 6019 0237


A Summary of events follows …

Police crackdown on anarchist movement in Czech Republic

Arrests, home searches, interrogations, intimidation, confiscation of servers and other persecutions are results of recent wave of repressions against anarchist movement in the Czech Republic. Early on Tuesday of the 28th April, 2015 the Counter Organised Crime Unit of the Czech police (UOOZ) commenced an operation Fenix targeting various individuals and organisations connected with anarchist movement across the country. Police operation was aimed on anarchist and left wing radicals who were supposed to commit series of arson attacks. Based on the information provided by the police, local news source has speculated that Network of Revolutionary Cells is responsible for the attacks.

The police detained 10 people, seized servers including (Czech Anarchist Federation), searched a number of properties in different cities (Most, Brno, Prague) and later the same week pressed charges against 6 individuals. Three of them are being held in custody and other three are under non-custodial investigation. On the 28th April, the Czech Press Agency informed that the police intervention in Brno was accompanied by increased security measures and a spokesman of UOOZ Pavel Hantak labelled whole operation as “anti-extremist”. Later the same day police also raided the community centre ‘Ateneo’ located in Most. The Ateneo is a self-managed place run by volunteers and based on anti-authoritarian and egalitarian principles which provides space for various groups and individuals including “Mostecka Solidarni Sit” (Most Solidarity Network), action group of association “Alerta”. The Ateneo, together with other community and information centres across the Czech Republic have been monitored by the anti-extremist unit as mentioned in their 2014 annual report.

For a long time public has witnessed criminalising and intimidating individuals and groups actively participating in social movements by the police and lawmakers around the world. The extend of damage caused by repression mainly depends on capability and willingness of the anarchist movement to organize itself in order to defend its own existence.
The anarchist movement in the Czech Republic has gained a considerable momentum and public support especially due to recent activities and direct actions such as protests against the owner of a restaurant called “Rizkarna” with the intention to retrieve unpaid wages of several former employees; or active role in community centre “Klinika” supported by thousands of people after it has been violently evicted.

Police has many times deliberately labelled people or movements as “terrorists” in order to justify repression. We the anarchist consider this massive operation accompanied by serious accusations to be a peak of already existing attempt to intimidate and criminalise socially beneficial and “subversive” activities. This repression will not intimidate us and we intend to increase our fight in response.

23rd May

Update: All the arrested people were released without charges, except 6. Three people are in custody charged with planning terrorist attacks. Other 3 people are under non-custodial investigation, charged with not reporting a (planned) criminal activity. An intersting fact is that none of the arrested, interrogated or suspected people have been charged with any of the past actions of the Network of Revolutionary Cells.

According to the interview with the lawyer of Martin I., two police agents have infiltrated their social circle, gained their trust and then initiated discussions about more militant activities.

“We consider the whole case a result of police provocation and my client has never wanted to carry out any terrorist attacks. If my client had not met the police agents, he would have never gotten in trouble.” A quote from the interview with the lawyer of Martin I., published on on May 22nd

In this interview he explains that it was the police agents who initiated discussions about direct actions, later on bringing up plans of attacking a train.
The entire flat was bugged, so as a result of these provoked discussions they quickly gathered ‘evidence’ against the three and were able to charge others that were present with not reporting a (planned) criminal activity.

Operation Fenix has not ended, people are still called to police interrogations, monitored and being intimidated by the police. This pursuit of this bogus police claim of terrorism is just a excuse to gather information, claim funding and spy on people, hoping to find anything that might lead to convictions, divide and conrol the movement and spread fear and paranoia.

We will not let them frighten and divide us, we will stay strong!

Thank you for all your support and solidarity you have shown. In these times, a strong international solidarity network is vital, we believe that any support or struggle will benefit us all.

If you wish us to publish information about your solidarity actions and events, feel free to email us. We welcome any emails with your tips, experiences and support. Our address is

For more information, see



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