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From Apoyo Mutuo: Towards popular power

In solidarity with Apoyo Mutuo, the Madrid based initiative to “organise” anarchist and libertarian actions across different collectives, groups and sensibilities (one of many that today mark the country’s political landscape – e.g. Procés Embat in catalonia, more recently, Aunar … Continue reading

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El patio maravillas: Struggles for an urban commons

Amongst this population, men, women, animals, age, sex, health, sickness, all seemed communal; everything fitted together, was merged, mingled and superimposed; everyone was a part of everything. Victor Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris The struggle of okupations in the city is part … Continue reading

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Antifenix: A call for solidarity

With czech anarchists arrested during “operation fenix”, we share the following message, in solidarity …

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