jihadi collaborators

Let us not kid ourselves. Who have been the ones undermining our freedoms for as far back as one can think? It was not jihadis. It was governments, corporations, advertisers, educational systems, police, internal security, armies, religious establishments.

Yet now all this assortment, holding hands together, going to bed together, holding each other’s penises, are squeezing us even more, through anti-terror security, through surveillance, through economic management and they say they do it for us, to protect us, so we can live without fear, for our prosperity, for our posterity.

They speak the same language as the jihadis, The jihadis speak the same language with them. They understand each other very well. Warfare, slaughter, economic exploitation, slavery, rape, veiling of the body, religious self-aggrandisement, Christ or Muhammad, Christian or Islam, or whatever, the guillotine, the sword, the missile, the beheading — are we post-1984? Software and swordware.

The fact is, that jihadis and our ruling order they just reinforce each other. It is the perfect copulation.

In the end what will defeat the one, will defeat the other.

One strike for Revolution.

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