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Migrating Towards Death

“You broke the ocean in half to be here, only to meet nothing that wants you. –migrant” Nayyirah Waheed   If you want an idea of a safe and secure European Union, imagine the sea ejecting thousands of bodies on … Continue reading

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For May Day

To celebrate May Day is not only to remember working class struggles of the past, but also to remember that what victories were had were born of struggle and that they are held fast to only to the extent that … Continue reading

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Taking back labour: Workers’ resistance and factory okupations in turkey

Labour struggles of workers continually strain against the limits of legality and labour union domestication.  If salaried work, as traditionally understood, is not the exclusive domain of capitalist exploitation, it nevertheless remains central.  And as workers discover, at times literally … Continue reading

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Taking back labour: Factory okupations in europe

The limits of workers managed factories in the midst of capitalist economic relations are well known: the inability to acquire or control resources and supplies for production, the need to continue to produce for existing markets, the need to compete … Continue reading

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Migration: The freedom and death of bare life

Hannah Arendt once spoke of the phenomenon of mass refugee migration in the wake of the first world war as a testimony to the limits of any politics of human rights.  Stripped of nationality, stateless, the refugee migrant embodies the … Continue reading

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Borderland images: Between Melilla and Morocco

Borders striate land, dividing, segregating, displacing. As instruments of sovereignty, they are essential to delineating the exception that defines political power. As instruments for fixing the flows of labour, they enable exploitation. For those who refuse both, movement, migration, is … Continue reading

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Scenes from the class struggle in spain: Evictions and deportations … and resistance

The State employs whatever means available to it to protect the free flow capital.  The flow of capital however requires restricting the movement of people, such that unequal possibilities of economic development, or exploitation, are assured.  The eviction of squatters … Continue reading

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jihadi collaborators

Let us not kid ourselves. Who have been the ones undermining our freedoms for as far back as one can think? It was not jihadis. It was governments, corporations, advertisers, educational systems, police, internal security, armies, religious establishments. Yet now … Continue reading

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Imagining the city: Murray Bookchin’s libertarian municipalism

Murray Bookchin’s libertarian municipalism challenges a variety of forms of anarchist activism and politics by insisting on the need to take and create political power and the institutions required for the government of freedom.  There are echoes here of Hannah … Continue reading

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The Greek December Revolt and its Current Relevance

We share below an excellent essay by Michail Theodosiades, reflecting on the greek revolts that began in December 2008 and their resonance in anti-authoritarian politics subsequently in greece and in europe.  Whatever doubts we have regarding the analysis (an excessive … Continue reading

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