Istanbul: Urban renewal as primitive accumulation

(Yuksel Arslan)

Capitalism’s need for wealth extraction in an increasingly urbanised human space can only force it to turn upon itself, to consume itself, in gestures of commodity autophagia.  But if cannibalism could once serve as a mode of sacrificial regeneration, capitalism’s urban self -consumption is driven by a growth without redemption; by processes of displacement, segregation, destruction, all driven by a State that secures the conditions for capital accumulation.

If the phenomenon is global, few european cities exhibit the violence of capital so clearly as Istanbul.  We share below Imre Azim’s short documentary, Non-space: The Collapse of the City as Commodity …

“The short documentary Non-space – The Death of the City as Commodity, explores the ways in which AKP’s construction-based economic growth strategy has become a mechanism for destruction. While this economic programme has turned our neighbourhoods into investment tools of foreign and domestic capital, it plunders our cities, forests, water, our living spaces in general, and stamps all workers’ organising as a threat.”

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