Solidarity with CSA Dordoni

The social center Dordoni in Cremona was attacked on Sunday night by fascists from the extreme right wing group CasaPound, which aspire since 2003 to revive fascist values in Italy. The clashes, under the supervision of the police, left one activist from Dordoni, Emilio, with a serious head injury. Emilio is still in the hospital in an induced coma under critical conditions. The police had arrested some of the members of CasaPound, only to release them later. The activists from Dordoni were also arrested by the police.


This particular fascist aggression has sparked national and international antifascist solidarity actions. In Italy, a national antifascist march is to take place on the 24th of January in Cremona. Marches were organized on the 19th in many Italian cities

The attack was described as premeditated and planned by CasaPound, whose actions and ideology are symptomatic of neo-fascist tendencies; on the rise these days in Italy and in Europe.

In defense of social centers, autonomous spaces and in solidarity with Emilio and the activists of Dordoni.

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