Scenes from the class struggle in spain

(Photograph by DISO press)

Capitalism is a form of government that mobilises power through war.  The field of conflict is not marked by a battle front, but is played out in the everyday of each one of us.  In this struggle, capitalism shapes, imposes, enforces kinds of people, that is, subjectivites and corresponding ways of life.  Yet it is in the moments of the reproduction of this government that fissures and cracks appears, which if forced, open possibilities of resistance, in opposition and creation of different modes of life.

What follows is but a modest chronicle, from spain, of our global civil war …     

On the morning of the 23rd of January, a mobilisation of some 50 riot police executed the eviction of of Wilson Ruilova and Cecilia Paredes, 35 and 43 years old, and their three children, 16 and 7 years old, and a third, a month and a half old.

The police entered the house by smashing open the door, without activists from Stop Desahucios being able to stop them.

The house had been awarded, in the Madrid neighbourhood of Vallecas, had been attributed to the family by the government of Madrid, through the public entity, Empresa Municipal de Vivienda y Suelo (EMVS), a company created to provide for low cost housing  for the city’s poorer population.

The EMVS, to reduce its debt of 630 million Euros, sold 1,860 public houses for 128.5 million Euros, with their inhabitants, to the U.S. based vulture fund Blackstone, among them the home of Wilson and his family.

The modus operandi of vulture funds consists of buying, at low cost, the public debt of entities close to collapse, to then try to recuperate the totality of the original value.

Wilson, an unemployed electrician and Cecilia, an unemployed care giver, live with a monthly income of 391 Euros, provided through state subsidies and without which they would not be able to pay the rent, which went from 480 to 700 Euros after the sale to Blackstone.

Efforts to renegotiate the rent came to nothing.

Debt, eviction is a source of profit, guaranteed by the police-military of the State.

Video from Jaime Alekos and Periodismo Humano …

(Periodismo Humano 27/01/2015)


On the 22th of January, is announced the occupation of various apartments in a residential building of Cadiz, empty for years and owned by a bank.  With support from local political organisations and labour unions, the building is now home to 29 working families/70 individuals, going under the name of the Corrala de la Bahía  and integrates the large corralas okupation movement in Andalusia. ( 23/01/2015)

On the 27th, a residential building was occupied in the Puente de Vallecas neighbourhood of Madrid, organised by the PAH (Plataforma de afectados por la hipoteca) and part of the PAH’s Obra Social of house okupations, freeing three homes.  A similar occupation took place on the 23rd, in Barcelona, and brings to 30 the number of buildings re-appropriated from the SAREB, vulture funds and banks, in spain. (tercera información 28/01/2015)


Some two thousand people took to the streets of the Madrid’s Chamberí, last Saturday, in a demonstration to protest the presence in the neighbourhood, of a neo-nazi group associated with the Movimiento Social Republicano (MSR); the same group responsible for creating a racist okupied social centre in the neighbourhood of Tetuan last fall that was forcefully removed by state authorities.

Called for by anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations and supported by the local neighbourhood assembly, the demonstration was a defense of the neighbourhood’s multi-national/multi-ethnic, largely working class composition.

Such demonstrations carry risks, most notably, misidentifying or ignoring the fascist nature of capitalist social relations as such, our diffuse and omnipresent neo-fascism, beyond the groups that explicitly refer to themselves as such, and then calling upon state authorities to intervene against them.  The only response to such groups that simultaneously builds anti-capitalist relations is autonomous self-organisation and self-defense.

(Periodico Diagonal 26/01/2015)



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