From Espai en Blanc: El Pressentiment

Born in 2002 in Barcelona, walking between critical thought and activism, the Espai en Blanc collective has elaborated creative forms of political intervention that we have been late to share.  Below is the ongoing El Pressentiment …

A new publication began to circulate from Espai en Blanc: El Pressentiment. A leaf of agitation, with only one face, so as to pass from hand to hand ideas which even if not our own, we need to think them. Print them and pass them on … make your printer, if you wish, one more point in its network of distribution.

El Pressentiment is the weapon with which Espai en Blanc wants to intervene in the current combat of thought.

In this combat is decided who and how reality is constructed.

Today reality decomposes itself and makes itself unpredictable but at the same time makes itself over and against us.

No one knows what will happen. The political discourses are interchangeable. Only presentiments have strength and permit one to take a position.

We seek brave, unexpected, true … liberating presentiments.

El Pressentient is also you: download it, print it, distribute it, pass it.

El Pressentiment is a project that continues and which is presented in english, but also castillian, catalan and euskadi … to be taken and diffused in quantity …

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