Os quiero, os respeto, os necesito … 15M´s spain

Becoming "wild" is always an erotic act, an act of nakedness.

                               Hakim Bey, The Temporary Autonomous Zone

The days and weeks of the white heat of summer bring illusions and hallucinations in their wake, visions of metamorphoses.  Our dreams always dictate reality; the summer deludes us with the reality of our dreams.

As protests daily punctuate the routines of spain, from striking coal miners to rebellious civil servants, from disobedient unemployed to submissive debtors refusing their fate, calls emerge for indefinite general strikes, for the creation of new citizens movements or radical political parties (Tercera Informacion), for revolution.  The movements multiply, fracture, fight each other; direction is seemingly lost amidst a cacophony of voices and the dissonant music of protest.  Where is the organisation, the ideological unity, required for true revolution?

The question suggests desperate impatience and blindness.  If 15M has taught us anything, it is the need to think and move slowly; that is slowly as measured by the time of efficacy, but not according to the time of insurrection because the latter is a rupture of the time of utility.  And 15M has also taught us that it moves like seeds in the wind, roots beneath the soil, tides in the oceans, appropriating, mixing, changing, without necessarily a clear direction, but from an emerging and constant struggle for freedom and equality.

15M may over time pass away; but it would be a mistake to see this as the death of an organisation, because an organisation it is not.  It is rather a living archipelago of collective creativities that are fed by and feed other movements, while sustaining itself.  The organisation that it possesses, if it can be so described, is not mechanical, but organic and monstrous.  It will encounter miners (15M Mieres), mix with civil servants and public employees (Madrilonia), as it formerly joined with the homeless, the unemployed and the precarious (Marcha de desempleados); meetings and knowings which give birth to other realities (Acampadasol).  The beauty of 15M is a beauty of the flesh, and it is only in this beauty that it will find the strength to resist the violence of state dictated poverty and exploitation (Kaos en le red on hunger and home foreclosures in spain).  And should it die, its' short life will have changed all of those who were touched by it.

Video, Os Quiero, Os Respeto, Os Necesito …


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