The Poetic Imagery of Yiannis Biliris


… a photograph is not only an image, an interpretation of the real; it is also a trace, something directly stenciled off the real

                                                                                                                            Susan Sontag


The photography and video of Yiannis Bilris of the protests/insurrection in Greece, over the course of the last year, are not a mere record of events, as if any photogragh could be, nor simply collections of perspective; they critically engage with reality, opposing to the constructed worlds of memory, corporate media, official history, narratives/poetry that opposes, questions, contests … they are in themselves rebellious realities.

Split Normality: One Year After the Riots of June 15, 28 & 29 2011

Τhe legacy of December, June and Syntagma square is still hard to assess. Future social struggles, however, are surely bound to approach it again, in order to understand and, finally, transcend it.

Parallel Actions

The procession of the epitaph in the city center takes place under the sound of the Greek police band and passes by walls filled with writings about cops that kill. Faithful people walk next to immigrants, homeless and forgotten people while praying for the salvation of their soul and their families. Mourning the present state of society and expecting its resurrection as is “truly” scripted on the walls.

antidocs: short-docs of primary counter information

Yianni Biliris Photography

From the Greek Streets: photographs

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